Carbon Chain

Blockchain Service

The decentralized high-performance and nature-friendly blockchain and ecosystem

CarbonChainTM aims to develop a block chain ledger system which will allow countries to ‘prove’ to the rest of the world how they, as signatories to the Paris Agreement are actually achieving their National Determined Contributions.

CarbonChainTM has created an incentivizing global carbon emission reduction program that allows every citizen in the world to take part in the trading of carbon credits and thus allow the development of such a block chain system. This technology will be an  ‘evidenced based system’, that can be used to determine what, where and when benefits towards climate change happen and ‘prove it’.

Airdrop Details

Token Symbol: CCT
Token Type: ERC20
Token Price: 1 CCT = 0.1 USD
Airdrop Tokens: 7,500,000
Max 850 CCT (Worth $85) Per Person
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